General FAQ

I cannot come during your opening hours?
Please note if you are unable to come during our opening hours, please do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment, outside opening hours.

How can I be sure that no one buys the same dress for that occasion?
Please note that we try our best to ensure that the same dress is not sold on the same day you will be wearing it for that special occasion. Details of the dress and the day you will be wearing it will be written on our diary, together with you name and phone number. If for some reason we forget to take the details down please do inform us.

Will my personal information (like name, phone number etc) be given out?

If a customer wishes to purchase or try on the same dress we must inform them that, the same dress has been purchased for the same occasion. We take our customer privacy very serious and we do not give out any personal information (names, phone numbers) to anyone.

A friend of mine bought a dress from you, and I want to make sure I do not purchase the same dress, even though its on a different day?
Please let one of our sales assistant know the date, venue of the occasion together with your friend’s name and we will ensure that you do not purchase or try on the same dress.

I do not want anyone to know which dress I bought?
As mentioned above we do not give out any personal information to anyone. Please do inform us once you have purchased the dress and we will do our best not to let anyone know which dress you have bought. However if a customer informs us that friend A has bought a dress from one of our outlets and does not wish to try on the same dress, we have no choice but to inform her.

I do not wish to give the sales assistant any information about the occasion or any personal information?
As per GDPR you may opt not to give us any information. However it will not be OUR responsibility if the same dress is purchased for the same occasion.

I bought an item on Sale can I exchange it?

Items bought on sale cannot be exchanged.